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With restrictions lifting, many people are getting the chance to reunite with their loved ones again. This July, we’ve been contemplating the different meanings of family and how it varies from person to person. No family looks the same, and we think that’s something to celebrate. We caught up with some of our favourite local cultural figures and asked them what family means to them.

Shauna is a lifestyle blogger and dog mum from Glasgow, working in PR. She runs an Instagram account where she shares her outfits as well as posting about the renovation of her 120 year old terrace house. Describing her sense of style as laidback, Shauna’s feed is a feast for fans of earthy tones and clean, minimal interiors. Here’s what family means to Shauna.

How do you define your family?

Family are those around me that make me feel safe. I especially love when you don’t have to say anything, you can simply enjoy the presence of one another.

What makes a family?

Ronnie, my little two year old dachshund, really is the glue that holds my little family together. She’s a ray of light during dark times, a furry shoulder to cry on and truly warms my soul.

Shauna McGregor

Tell us a memory you have about your family that makes you feel good.

Some of my best memories are on holiday with Ronnie. We can’t bear to be without her and always take her with us when we can. I love how well she adapts to new surroundings; she’s been side stage at music festivals, on the tube in London and stayed in some pretty amazing places. She’s a bit of a pampered princess and requires the VIP treatment wherever she goes but as long as she has a comfy bed, she’s happy.

How did your family help get you through tough times?

Everyone has their fair share of ups and downs, but knowing that they will always be there to get you through it and have your back, really means the world. Dogs can definitely tell when you’re upset, and Ronnie cuddles are the perfect remedy.

When is the last time you managed to get together with your family?

Most recently, we visited Drimsynie Estate in Lochgoilhead, around an hour and a half drive from Glasgow. It’s so peaceful and scenic and really allows you to switch off, relax and take in the fresh air. It’s a real home away from home.


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