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Our DNA\

Why does Native exist?

When you’re an interesting person, finding an interesting place is tiring / hard / stressful (delete where appropriate).

That’s because you want something a bit more. A bit more different, exciting, and imaginative. A bit more you. And frankly just a bit more. Enter Native

‘One of the capital’s Best-kept secrets.
Reliably stylish, immaculately clean and brilliantly located.’

Vanity Fair

Aparthotels in London & the UK
Aparthotels in London & the UK

What can you expect?

Aesthetically designed

You walk into some spaces and you just know you’re going to have fun. Every Native site looks good so you can feel good.


We connect global guests to local communities through eco-friendly alternatives, original brands, and resident events. We don’t just have a relationship with our communities. We’re a fixed feature of them.

Interesting and Interested

From our places to our people. Native isn’t quirky or kooky. But it does shine a spotlight on different. A different way to stay and savour a city.

It’s more than just having a connection, link, or relationship with each community. It’s being a fixed feature of it.

Why go Native?

Pay less, get more

At Native you get extra space, your own kitchen, and a calendar of events to keep you busy without melting your Monzo.

What do we love?

  1. Freedom to be.
  2. Champions of local.
  3. Davids not Goliaths.
  4. Infectious personalities.
  5. Small extras = big differences.

Live like a local

Each Native site has its own history and heritage, while our team and Neighbourhood Heroes are there to help you paint the town whatever colour you fancy.

‘Native Aparthotels: Your Perfect City Bolthole’

Marie Claire

Aparthotels in London & the UK
Aparthotels in London & the UK
Aparthotels in London & the UK
Aparthotels in London & the UK

Our Spaces\

Keen on green

Native has ECOsmart accreditation and a BREEAM rating of ‘excellent’ (BREEAM is a world-leading third-party sustainability assessment).


A stay at Native uses less water, energy, and materials compared to a hotel stay. That’s just the nature of living in an apartment where you tell us when you want cleaning. Not the other way around.


LED lights, motion sensors, heating timers, electricity from a renewable source… These are the marginal gains that help us do better every day. Boring to some. Vital to us and our future.


Because we’re part of the communities we operate in, we know and use the best local suppliers and brands with green credentials


Zero is the target word here. Zero waste to landfill, zero single-use plastic bottles, zero harmful chemicals in reusable containers.

Stay With Us

Get the service and style of a boutique hotel, with a side of community and a slice of cultural events.



King's Wardrobe.

Book our freshly refurbished Concept Rooms minute’s away from St. Paul’s Catherdral with up to 15% OFF if you join the BeNative Community.

Our rate is always the best
when you book direct.