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Each Native site celebrates the best of its surrounding area.
They are aesthetically designed, community-driven, and bring together people with knowledge to burn and the work ethic to match.

Stay In / Go Out

Eat and drink with us where local produce and original flavours reign. Head outside to our Neighbourhood Heroes. Or cook in your own kitchen with a clean oven, fridge, pots and pans ready to go.

At Native we have a range of food, drink, and fun options.

  • Cook when you want in your own kitchen with a clean oven, fridge, pots and pans ready to go.
  • Head into the city you’re staying in, armed with our best tips of Native’s Neighbourhood Heroes.
  • Eat with us! Either at one of our events or, if you’re staying in Manchester, Ducie Street Warehouse has got it all.

Ducie Street Warehouse.
Eat, Drink, Play

Cherry-picked flavours. Sharing plates. Good times.

What’s On

Join an event! From supper clubs and pop-up markets. To creative workshops and cultural talks.

Mini Cini

Enjoy a night at the movies.

Lounge & Terrace

Wake up and smell the coffee
Native Edinburgh
Native Edinburgh
Native Edinburgh
Native Edinburgh
Flower Shop

Our Spaces

Grab & Go (Or Chill)

COUNTER in Manchester is our all-day delivering all things local and sustainable from coffees, hot and cold snacks, takeaways, and a wide selection of drinks including beers, wines and canned cocktails.

The Counter at Native Edinburgh will be home to a curation of eclectic drinks and events, highlighting local produce in the daytime and spotlighting local talent at night.

From neo-soul jazz nights to spoken word poetry, the venue will shine a light on up-and-coming creatives from around the city, including artists, writers, musicians and more.

Coming soon - Edinburgh & London


These are the people, places, and things that make each Native worth visiting.