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Sarah is a personal shopper and stylist for Topshop based in Manchester. She’s also a new mother to beautiful baby girl. Here’s what Sarah had to say about family.

With restrictions lifting, many people are getting the chance to reunite with their loved ones again. This July, we’ve been contemplating the different meanings of family and how it varies from person to person. No family looks the same, and we think that’s something to celebrate. We caught up with some of our favourite local cultural figures and asked them what family means to them.

How do you define your family?

My family consists of my wife Gina, daughter Nancy and cat Eric, they are everything to me. I also class some of my closest friends as family too. Our own little support network, we look out for each other and we are a great team.

What makes a family?

A family doesn’t have to be something you were born into, you can choose your own family, your friends or partner are the family you chose, your very own squad that have your back and that make you feel safe. There’s a mutual unspoken trust. It’s a special bond, some friends just cross the line into family.

Tell us a memory you have about your family that makes you feel good.

This is easy… Marrying my gorgeous wife Gina Breeze in Las Vegas surrounded by 30 of our incredible friends and family. The sun shone, we laughed, we cried, we danced, we drank champagne, we gambled in our wedding dresses & stayed up until the sun was rising. I will never forget that day and night, the absolute time of our life.

How did your family help get you through tough times?

Gina and I faced very tough times going through multiple IVF rounds over 3 and a half years. Our chosen family (closest friends) were fantastic, small gestures, just being there for us, words of encouragement, hugs, food parcels, letting us know how loved we are, sometimes it’s the small things that count. If any of them are reading this they know who they are.

When is the last time you managed to get away with your family?

Gina and I were lucky enough to get away Summer 2020 to Greece, just the two of us, it was fabulous. It was extremely relaxing and great for us to spend some quality time together before the birth of our Daughter Nancy the following Summer.


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