What Does Wellness Mean To You? With Alex Our Native Wellness Ambassador.

This January, we’re celebrating wellness. We sat on the mat with Alex our Native wellness ambassador to chat about what wellness means to her.  

What Does Wellness Means To You? 

Wellbeing to me, is an offering of kindness, compassion and love to our body and soul. It’s an opening to the raw experience of the body, its felt sense and the stories it holds. To live well, respecting our physical shell, is to listen patiently to all the messages it sends us, to nourish it with soulful, healthy food and move in a way that feels good. There is no one thing we can do to make ourselves feel our best. Well-being is such a holistic project. It’s a meeting with all parts of us, our shadows, our light, in acceptance of all that is arising. To show up for yourself time and time again in an authentic, loving way is, to me, the purest act of kindness.  

How Do You Get Out Of The January Slump? 

For me, the best medicine when I feel stagnant and sluggish is to move my body. To connect to the moment-to-moment experience of what it means to be alive in my body today. It doesn’t have to be a crazy exercise or a 10-mile run; it can be as small as a morning wiggle and a shake, a dance in your kitchen, or a roll around on your mat. I think we often overcomplicate things so much…We think January has to be this time of big promises and resolutions. What if we start with little things that make us feel good and alive? What if we chose to spend more time with people we love? more time in nature, more time feeding our souls with things that make us smile from the inside?  

What Do You Listen To When Doing Movement Practice? 

As a yoga facilitator and DJ, music has always been such an important part of my daily practice and teachings. It’s one of the most powerful tools to connect to my body. I choose music based on how I feel and what is arising for me at a given moment. My playlists change all the time, and so is the way my practice looks and feels…I think it’s all about being open and curious, allowing the sound to carry my body through shapes, and inspire the most authentic movement. Sometimes it’s a full-on party soundscape with big Jon Hopkins-like vibes; other times, all my heart needs is the melody of piano or harp to soothe my soul! 

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