Travel well with Chessie King and Native Bankside

We know how tricky it can be to keep on top of your fitness while you’re travelling. Work gets busy, there’s so much to see and do in a new city, and you’re surrounded by oh-so-tempting restaurants, bakeries and cafes all day – especially when you’re right in the centre of the city, like Native Bankside.

That’s why we teamed up with wellness and body positivity guru Chessie King, a native Londoner, to get some tips on how to keep up your fitness while you’re on the move. Chessie is one of the UK’s top fitness bloggers, sharing her exercise routines, body positive photos and balanced lifestyle with her audience all over the world. Living and working in the heart of town, Chessie knows the Bankside area like the back of her hand, including all the best places to walk, run and take in a fitness class or two.

To kick off our day of “fitspiration”, Chessie took us to Artworks Classrooms, which is less than 15 minutes’ walk from your apartment – even quicker, if you’re running. Here we met up with a group of fellow fitness fans, and Chessie took us through some of her best moves, routines and stretches to help keep us limber when life gets busy.

Once we’d worked up an appetite, we headed straight to one of Chessie’s top local eateries (and one of our own neighbourhood heroes), Tibits, just a seven minute stroll from Native Bankside. Here we treated ourselves to a lunch of delicious veggie treats and Chessie was happy to answer lots of questions about keeping fit, well and happy in the heart of town.

“If I wake up in the morning and I really just want to get out and run,” she said, “I’ll do exactly that. You can literally just put on your running shoes and just go and explore. That’s my favourite way to exercise when I’m travelling. I think that’s how you find the real gems in London.”

To finish up, Chessie took us back to her Native Bankside apartment and showed us how to make the most of the spacious, comfy rooms with some chilled out yoga, deep stretches and mindfulness. There’s also our lovely fitness suite on the fifth floor, if you fancy a change of scenery while you work up a sweat.

“If I’ve been travelling and if I’ve had a long day,” Chessie said, “I love waking up my body with a flow. Sometimes I do [yoga] just before bed, to stretch out the day. I just take some time to give some love to my body – and then it’ll love me back.”

Watch the full video on how Chessie King stays healthy and active while travelling below.

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