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This Women’s Month, Native celebrates the essence of womanhood by bringing a curation of poems that beautifully personify our beloved cities, written & recited by women native to each location. Each verse paints a portrait of our urban landscapes, casting them as strong, vibrant women who embody the character & soul of our cities, from the bustling streets of London to the enchanting alleys of Edinburgh. Join us as we celebrate our Native cities through the lens of poetry, embracing the strength & grace that define both woman & metropolis alike. 



In London’s embrace, a woman reigns, 

A metropolis of dreams, where culture sustains.  

With Thames as her necklace and skyline her crown,  

She’s a city of contrasts, where worlds come down. 


In her streets, a symphony of languages blend,  

In every borough, stories without end.  

With hustle and bustle, a relentless pace, 

London, a woman, a global embrace. 


In Manchester’s embrace, a woman stands bold,  

Rain-kissed streets tell tales, resilience untold. 

With laughter echoing through bustling squares, 

She wears history’s bricks, her spirit declares. 


From mills to music, her heart beats true, 

Innovation’s glow in her eyes, anew. 

In Manchester’s arms, find a home to roam, 

Where diversity thrives, dreams find their own. 



In Edinburgh’s arms, a woman stands tall,  

With regal grace, she enchants all. 

From ancient castles to Arthur’s Seat’s view,  

She’s a city of elegance, where dreams come true. 


In her streets, whispers of history abound, 

In every close, tales are found. 

With beauty in her every nook and cranny, 

Edinburgh, a woman, timeless and canny. 


In Glasgow’s embrace, a woman thrives 

With fire in her soul, where dreams arrive. 

From River Clyde’s banks to Buchanan’s grace, 

She’s a city of character, a captivating space. 


Her laughter echoes through the misty air 

 In every cobblestone, stories to share. 

With warmth in her heart and spirit untamed, 

Glasgow, a woman, forever acclaimed. 



A Letter from Olivia Immesi, our CEO

As a woman, mother, wife, sister, & daughter navigating the business world, I have witnessed firsthand the obstacles that women encounter daily. My advice to you is to embrace those challenges, for they shape you into a stronger, more resilient individual. Seek out role models who mirror your journey and know that your example and efforts pave the way for future generations of women.  

I am lucky to have a mother who instilled in me the belief that I could achieve anything I wanted. She nurtured my single-mindedness and determination, always encouraging me to aim high and never diminish myself. I am forever grateful for her support and believe that as women, we need to support and uplift one another as we forge our paths, embracing opportunities for growth and celebrating our successes along the way.  

Happy Women’s Day,   

Olivia, CEO Native Places.  

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