Tips for travelling with a toddler in London

Travelling with a Toddler

Here are a few tips to make your time travelling with toddlers in London as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Travelling with a toddler can seem a daunting prospect especially when visiting a big city like London. No matter how much you prepare, problems can arise.


There are plenty of toddler-friendly activities to do in London to keep your tot entertained. Many London attractions let children under the age of 5 in for free and it’s worth doing some research to find ones appealing to you and your family. If museums are right up your street, the Science Museum in Kensington has many toddler-friendly exhibits to challenge and thrill your little ones or, head next door to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaur bones.

If you’d prefer to be outside, London has several zoos and city farms. Many of the farms are free to enter and offer great opportunities for your child to meet and pet all sorts of animals.

Green Spaces

As well as plenty of activities, it’s important to visit some of London’s green spaces so your toddler can run about and work off some energy. Hyde Park has lots of wide open places to explore and is a convenient distance from Buckingham Palace if a visit there is on your list of things to do.

There are also many garden squares dotted about the city. Formerly private gardens for the residences lining the streets around them, many are now open to the public. They offer a smaller and often quieter alternative to the larger parks. Try Russell Square near the British Museum for a lovely example of London’s garden squares. We do recommend a visit to Hyde Park too.

Bring Snacks

Snacks fix everything.

Even with a list of the best things to do with toddlers in hand, you never know when you are going to be stuck in an unmoving queue or trapped on a delayed train with a fractious tot becoming hungrier by the minute. Make sure you have a selection of healthy and nutritious snacks to keep hunger at bay until you can find a suitable place for lunch.

A Good Place to Stay

It’s tempting to stay in the outskirts and travel into London to see the sights, but travelling with a toddler on public transport which can be stressful for everyone involved, especially if it’s during rush hour.

To minimise time spent travelling, consider an apartment in London itself. We offer short stay apartments in 10 different locations in London. No matter where you wish to visit, our apartments are either next to or offer excellent transport links for you to use. All our apartments come with fully equipped kitchens so you can prepare meals and comfy beds so you can get a good night’s rest before heading out on your next day exploring. For the perfect place for you and your toddler from which to explore London, contact us now for further information on booking one of our apartments.

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