How to Find the Best Serviced Apartments in London

Serviced apartments are a firm favourite with international and local travelers who want more independence and freedom. However, not all apartments are created equal. These days a serviced apartment needs to offer facilities to rival a hotel to remotely qualify as luxurious and desirable accommodation. Here are a few considerations to look for when searching for best serviced apartments in London.


Location, Location

When planning a trip, the most important thing that most travelers consider usually needs to be finding the best location to see and doing everything you want to. This is even more important in a large, sprawling city such as London. Do your research on how close the apartment is to the attractions on your list, how close public transport is, and if you’re in town for work, consider how close to the office or client you need to be. Weigh up what’s most important to you and make your decision on your ideal apartment location from there.


Get Your Amenities On

As previously mentioned, many travelers want the next step up in amenities from their serviced apartment to elevate their travelling experience. Perhaps a gym or access to a pool is a must. Perhaps a restaurant, café, or bar onsite is a deal breaker too. Perhaps the ease of food delivery is vital to life and limb. Whatever the case, there are apartments or aparthotels in London that offer all these services and more with a cherry on top if you ask nicely, so shop around until you find the perfect space with all the things you will need for a comfortable stay. Comfort in your accommodation will make long days of exploring that much more memorable.


What’s in a Serviced Apartment?

Modern serviced apartments are now required to offer high-quality living spaces that mirror everything you could want in a home – even a temporary one. A great and luxurious serviced apartment must provide a fully equipped kitchen, a relaxing living space, and a comfortable bedroom. The apartment must include a fridge, cooking appliances, crockery, cutlery, washing-up facilities, and more. Finally, the décor should add to the ambience and tranquility of the space, whether it’s styled vintage or contemporary. Does the accommodation you’re looking at offer all of that?


Take It to the Bedroom

The final vital requirement for selecting an apartment is a good night’s sleep. That means quality bedding and a comfortable mattress. If you don’t sleep, you’re not happy, you won’t enjoy your time away, and grumpy people leave bad reviews. Don’t be that person – it’s horrible. Avoid all the drama by checking out the apartment sleeping offerings before you book to be sure you’ll get a good night’s sleep.


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