Lounge Listening

Tom Micsh
Album: The Quarantine Sessions

01/12/2022 6PM-8PM

Quarantine Sessions is the latest release of South-London-born singer-songwriter Tom Misch. This eight-track album of mostly consists of instrumental jam sessions, boasting three originals and a diverse assortment of covers ranging from Solange to Nirvana. Calming is the best way to describe Quarantine Sessions. The album is a delightful listen where Misch’s talents as a musician go beyond the work he has produced in the past, pulling from genres outside the realm of R&B guitar. Even though the album is a melting pot of artists and genres, Misch is incredibly good at incorporating his personal flair that makes the covers on the album feel eccentric yet familiar.

Sit back, relax and listen to a selection of finely curated 12? vinyl albums in the lounge, with a cocktail in hand.

Sounds bliss.