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Les Plus Grands Succes de Chic
Album: Les Plus Grands Succes de Chic

23/12/2022 6PM-8PM

Les Plus Grands Succès De Chic: Chic’s Greatest Hits, also known as The Best of Chic, is a greatest hits album by the American R&B band Chic.  It includes the biggest hits from their first three albums: Chic(1977), C’est Chic (1978) and Risqué (1979).

The seven-track album, which omits the 1979 hit single “My Forbidden Lover” and replaces it with “Chic Cheer” and also combines three 7-inch edits and one extended 12-inch mix with three album versions, was the only compilation to be released during the band’s six years on Atlantic. The compilation was the first time that the 12″ mix of “Everybody Dance” was made generally available, having previously been issued only as a promotion.

Take a moment to check out and listen to a curated 12? vinyl album in our lounge.

This album will get your toe tapping.