Native King’s Wardrobe: A space packed with history and character.

Native Kings's Wardrobe: A space packed with history and character.

Nestled away from the urban bustle, Native King’s Wardrobe boasts a serene ambience and calm. But why is it named Native King’s Wardrobe?

Our revived apartments are found in Wardrobe Place, a series of clay-fired brick terraces steeped in history dating back from the 14th Century when it served as the Royal Wardrobe. This esteemed building once safeguarded the king’s estate and ceremonial robes and those of the Royal family – hence it’s name, the King’s Wardrobe. Today our restored buildings pay homage to pioneering designers of the past, who transformed British attire and style.

Explore the regal, creative and captivating history of our Britian’s original fashion houses.


House Of Bertin

Named after Rose Bertin, the first internationally renowned fashion designer and the ‘Minister of Fashion’ to Marie Antoinette. Her meticulous designs helped the Queen of France maintain her stylish demeanour, even amidst political turmoil.

House Of Lanchester 

Paying homage to Ann Margaret Lanchester, a prominent figure in the British fashion industry, often referred to as ‘The Bonaparte of her day.’ Her exclusive fashion magazine, Le Miroir de la Mode, showcased contemporary fashion trends to the British nobility.

House Of Bell

Inspired by Mary Ann Bell, a trailblazing British fashion merchant and designer, credited with inventing the Chapeau Bras in 1820, a foldable cap that became an essential part of military uniform.

House Of Worth 

Named after Charles Frederick Worth, the English fashion designer hailed as the father of haute couture and the founder of the House of Worth. His revolutionary designs transformed the landscape of fashion in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

House Of Redfern

A tribute to the Maison Redfern, founded by English tailor John Redfern, renowned for offering women sportswear and tailored suits. His elegant garments became a staple in the wardrobes of well-dressed women.

House Of Blount

In honour of Mildred Blount, a pioneering milliner who defied societal norms as a Black woman in the early 20th century. Her exquisite hats adorned the heads of Hollywood stars and private clientele alike, breaking barriers with elegance and grace.

House Of Lucile

Named after Lucy Duff Gordon, the creative force behind Maison Lucile, a fashion house beloved by wealthy women at the turn of the 20th century. Lucile’s innovative designs introduced slit skirts and comfortable corsets, revolutionising women’s fashion.

At Native King’s Wardrobe, we welcome guests to experience the allure of London’s most historic neighbourhood, where they can savour the charm of our city authentically. Native King’s Wardrobe offers a truly original stay.


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