The Feel Good Club: An evening with Kiera & Aimie Lawlor-Skillen

29/09/22 7PM-8PM

For years the dynamic duo Kiera & Aimie Lawlor-Skillen have been on a mission to help more of us Feel Good!

First, they created the inspirational Instagram account @wearefeelgoodclub, then they opened the beloved Feel Good Club coffee shop in Manchester, and now (lucky us) A BOOK! Feel Good Club is a guide to helping us navigate our way through life’s positive and challenging situations.

Continuing their mission of wanting to make people feel good through positivity, love and normalising the way that we share how we feel. They want you to make yourself feel good, as well as helping you balance your feelings when you’re not at your best. It’s personal, and it’s queer, and it offers just the sort of go-to, accessible self-help and self-esteem we could all do with.

Join us for a chat about the book with our cocktails for the evening!