Lounge Listening

Primal Scream
Album: Sonic Flower Groove

02/12/2022 6PM-8PM

Sonic Flower Groove is the debut studio album by the Scottish rock band Primal Scream. Musically, Sonic Flower Groove features psychedelic, byrdsy, jangle, and pop being the only Primal Scream album to feature founding member Jim Beattie.

The album sold well enough to reach number 62 on the UK Albums Chart but performed poorly by major-label standards. The disappointment was a major reason for the original Primal Scream splitting up shortly after Sonic Flower Groove, leaving vocalist Bobby Gillespie and the guitar duo of Andrew Innes and Robert “Throb” Young to reorganise the band.

Take a moment to check out and listen to a curated 12″ vinyl album in our lounge.

This album will get your toe tapping.